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Car Mad Community Will be Back with Only the best possible shows

We have tried and for the most part successfully done a lot in the car scene. 
But now its time to use all we have learnt to bring you only the best events.

We are looking to do warehouse shows again this time not leasing but going back to using them to do 1 of shows and do right type at the right time. They will be only very few, so Don't miss them when we do them!

This year we will be exploring Import and Euro more then any style of show. We will still do others but we want to make this year mostly the year of Hot import & Euro Styling.

The shows will be Promoted online with links to our site to get the full details on each show as they pop up. 


This is because The buildings we use are leased out or sold on a month by month Basis. 

Sponsors for these events will be a big part in the future of all our events.
They will be helping to flesh out the event and make it look a lot more professional and will be giving some special things out to better their brand name and give value to those who attend the show. 

The event as i mentioned is Segregated into areas to help those who enter their pride and joy get a chance to park next to and around people that hold the same segregated passion for a particular style of vehicle.
Those areas are SO far. 

Dates will be revealed soon but until then we will be working hard to get the structure correct and strong ready for our best event so far! 

What is CMC and what are we about?

CMC Specialises in Event Management and Promotion. We as a business strive hard to help the Motoring community and the local community develop positively well into the future…..

Hi my Name is Evan, owner and Manager of CMC. My project all began a little over 4 years ago, when I started a car club. Since then my ambitions have remained the same: create an entity to support the car scene.

The last 12+ months was when I first started to put my all into things and when I started it up as a business built to support the Motoring community.

Making it the new direction for me as a club just wasn't doing anything for me. I wanted to Make a difference, I wanted to help myself help others grow and build our community strong had positive.

When we started as a club it grew fast and straight, even though at its inception was the moment I integrated into the car Scene. Prior to then I knew very little about motoring and I didn't know anyone in the culture. 

I soon learnt fast about what it takes to make a car club work and I slowly noticed a club wasn't enough. A Business was exactly what I needed to make the big goals I set for myself. 

About a year in full of successful events, I chose to have a short break. Putting my skills and passion for learning to the test, I took the necessary steps to turn my club into a business. As a tribute to its roots, I give my business my club’s name; Car Mad Club.

Prior to commencing my business had two big fights. One of those (my first hiccup) was with a Business I was did events at shutting down following a disagreement between the co-owners. Police ransacked the event after a call by after a call from one of the business partners. CMC was left to pick up the pieces, placing our name in a negative light. BIG LESSON LEARNT! Don’t take undue liability.

The second fight has been with Crohn’s Disease and to date it’s been my biggest battle. There is no cure but that does not stop me from working beyond what most class is normal. 

The Year Break I had to sort what direction I was going to go were the hardest of my life. (after our last event as a car club)
As I was diagnosed With Crohn’s Disease and also at that time in my life I wanted to use what I learnt as a car club and general life to build up a following and do what I always intended to do since I was 12 years old, and that was to support the scene.   

 I lived in unrelenting pain all day and night. (If you want to know more about flare ups and want to know Youtube “Crohn's disease Flare ups”)

Having flare ups to the point that I was suffering more than I was without pain, I wondered if it would ever end.. “Is it worth me living?”.  After 3 months in hospital over 12 months everything felt bleak.

The experience left me wondering if it’s worth doing CMC. I was sitting in the hospital, after a big operation to repair damage from a flare up. I began to think about all of you, all of the people who helped me keep going.

The operation brought me from a battle with acute pain to something completely different. 
I rarely have flare ups but it instead a sickness that leaves me waking nauseous, exhausted and with pain everywhere. Not a great motivator to get up in the morning. I go to sleep knowing the next morning will be ‘Ground Hog Day’.


However, when I’m passionate about something, I push to do great things. Things that even healthy people struggle to do. 

To fund CMC, I work as a personal carer. It’s great. My role as a carer is modified to suit my needs. Post-op, it’s been the baseline of my income. As soon as possible I’d like to work on CMC full time. In my free time, I’m already planning shows, networking and advertising. I’m not taking leisure time and honestly; I don’t want it. When I’m inactive I get sick, so I have no choice but to completely exert myself. If you had a chance to see me at a main event, you’ll remember how relentlessly I work.

Everyday I see all of you, rolling into the Big Bird Ve Meeting for Businesses owners and enthusiasts. You’re gaining connections and helping to build a strong community of car mad people.

The picture is getting clearer. Traveling down the road I started, I’m giving you all somewhere to go. A place to enjoy your passion for cars and people to call upon for support. I get emails and messages via Facebook daily, with lists of things you need help with. I reply fast and give you what you need. 

CMC will always be around. As we expand and broaden our following, what we accomplish will be even greater. No matter that happens, you will always have someone to contact for support.

I am always learning and listening to you guy’s, doing my best to provide you the highest degree of daily assistance and reaching out to you through our events.

Continue to share and build our following, so we can help support more and more people going into the future. I hope this short story helps you guys with your goals. It doesn't matter what you face in life, you can overcome it. You can reach anything if you really want it!
I never thought I could achieve so much. We have Supported 2 lots of main charities/organizations in the last year and helped them achieve their goals in such little time. I have supported over 40 Businesses more than 20 photographers and over 10,000 motoring enthusiasts. We give Big support whether it’s Physical, Mental, financial, we do it all! 

Sometimes doing a lot of small things equates to a big thing and that is what CMC is all about and now that we have gone through our first year we can up the level of support and do a lot more for the community. I am spotted all over the state all the time due to my full focus on this task to support the culture doing meetings, supporting other car shows, or just giving General support that I think most people need that I don’t see many doing these days. I think if I can do it, anyone can. 

This NOW has exploded into my only main focus and I work hard to make sure I always have something adventurous to do. Without your help and the adventure I live every day I would not be who I am today.
My tip is if you want to do anything; look into it deeply, do it legally and straight, keep your mind open and your eye fixed on what you’re doing. Good luck guys!

Evan Martin,
- Owner Organizer of Car Mad Community


Our Goals And Objectives

Our goal is to grow our influence and following to help support our culture and help support everything that makes up our culture work. Such as clubs and Businesses organizations and Motorsports and of course the main people car Enthusiasts and so much more, if its in the scene we aim to support it.
ALL of those people cannot keep the scene alive without each other and there needs to be someone out there to help keep the circle of support going in any mean necessary  and that is why i Made this Brand.

We are built to give support to anyone that needs it.
We are built to help take things for everyone involved to the next level, Because overall everyone wins!
We are here to keep the car culture here and to make things better.
The bigger following we have the more support we can give out.
Every goal we have had so far we have reached and we are forever challenging ourselves to learn and grow to use what we learnt to help support everyone that needs it within the car scene. 

we also want to give you NEXT LEVEL EVENTS.

We have our NEW slogan....
**We are the Next level**

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